Fashion brands to be honoured for ‘Human centered design’ 2020 July 27, 2021 July 27, 2021 admin

Designer eyeglass brand Earsole & Co. is expected to be named one of the “Best Human centered Designers” in 2020 by a group of international fashion designers.

The statement is expected at the 2019 UNSW Fashion Awards.

Earsole&Co. CEO Sami Khodjazov said the accolade would be made by the global design community and a select group of awardees from around the world.

“I am honoured and proud to be recognised for our human centered design,” he said.

“It is important that we are recognised and respected for the way we design, how we design with empathy, and how we create a design that is not only beautiful but human centred.”

In 2018, the award was awarded to French designer Jean-Marc Verne, who designed the “Human centered” logo for Nike’s new range.

The design also features the brand’s name in the centre of the logo.

“The logo is a symbol of our values and we believe it is important for us to recognise our human-centered design and to make it part of our fashion aesthetic,” Khodji said.

He said the design also was inspired by the “human face” of the brand.

Earthing’s logo is also part of the company’s collection, which is comprised of “human centered” and “human” design elements.

The logo is part of Earthing &Co.’s collection.

Photo: Earthing founder and CEO Khodajazov has been designing eyeglasses since 1999 and founded Earthing in 2010.

He was born in India and immigrated to Australia at the age of eight.

He founded the business in 2000 after earning a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design at RMIT University and a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering from RMIT.

In 2008, Earthing sold its first eyegear business, the Earsole Collection, which was later sold to Nike.

The brand also sells a range of “lifestyle” eyegears including the Ear-Free and Ear-O-Matic.

It was also awarded the 2015 Design Award of the prestigious Royal Australian Academy of Design for its Earwear collection.

Khodojazov joined the Earthing team in 2015.

“There are a lot of human centered and human-centric design concepts out there,” he told The Australian Financial Review in 2018.

“We are looking at design in a whole new way and we are trying to make sure we are human centered so that the human face of the design is visible.

That’s why we designed the logo.”

Earthing is a global brand, with retail outlets across the globe and over 300 stores in Australia.

Kodjazv said Earthing&Co’s “Human centred design” was a product of his time at the company.

The Earthing logo has also been featured in the films and television shows Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, The Walking Dead and The Bachelor. “

Now we have launched Earsole, our first eyewear collection, with over 300 brands and 200 stores worldwide,” he added.

The Earthing logo has also been featured in the films and television shows Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, The Walking Dead and The Bachelor.

In 2018 the company launched its Earthing Earboard and Earthing Eye-Faces, designed by Melbourne-based design firm Rhett & Link.

The designs have since been featured on the popular ABC TV show The Bachelor and in the Netflix series Stranger Things.

“Our vision for Earthing was to create the most beautiful human centered eyegolf product on the planet,” said Khodijazov.

“To do this, we have been using human centered ideas in our eyegifts, from the Earlings design, the brand logo, the branding, to the packaging.”

Earning a human-focused design award in 2019 was the first time the brand had been honoured with such recognition.

“That was a great year for us, because we got to do our thing and be recognized,” he continued.

“And we got recognition for being human-centred.

I think that was great for us.”