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Design your own outdoor kitchen!

How to design your own design for your outdoor kitchen.

I know, I know, you’re already thinking “that’s too much to do”, but seriously, you can make a huge impact on your outdoor space with this DIY project.

A few things you’ll need:Wooden planks, cardboard, glue, paper towel. 

This project is going to take you a few hours and is totally up to you.

I recommend making sure you have a couple of sheets of cardboard (I used 2 1/2 inches of cardstock) so you can start with a rough sketch before you start. 

For the cardboard, you’ll want something that is thick enough to support your kitchen table and can be easily cut with a knife. 

I used a 1/4 inch thick piece of 1/8 inch cardboard for my planks.

You’ll also want to get some paper towels to help keep the planks together.

The first step is to decide on what type of wood you’re going to use. 

You’re going go with a wood that has been treated with a natural sealer (I went with wood from a local wood shop that sells natural wood sealers) and that is treated to be able to withstand some type of stress.

Next, cut a sheet of cardboard and attach it to the wood planks you just cut.

Now, you want to add your planks to your wooden planks by using glue.

You can use the same glue that you used for the wood pieces.

You’ll also need a piece of cardboard to stick to the planers and to keep them together.

I’m going to make a few notes about what I’m doing.

First, you will want to cut the planing board out of the cardboard to make it more rigid.

This is a good idea, because it will help to make sure your planing boards don’t fall apart during the project. 

Next, you are going to add the wood to your wood planers using glue, then use a knife to cut your plan pieces out of that wood.

If you’re like me, you probably need a little extra time to get your plan out of your wooden plans. 

Finally, you should put the plan pieces in the cardboard and then cut out your plan. 

The plan will look something like this: Now that your wood is all together, it’s time to put the finished pieces together. 

Start by putting your planer on top of the wood, making sure that the plan is completely flat. 

Then, you need to make an opening in the plan that is the same size as the opening you made for your plan in the wooden plan.

Place the plan on top and make sure that there is a space that is large enough to put your table.

 Make sure you mark this space so you know where your table will be when you are done. 

Now, place your table in the hole you just made. 

When you’re finished putting the table in, you have to put a piece into the planer to support the table. 

Put the table back on top, then put your plan and the wood into the cardboard.

Make sure that your plan will support the plan and that your table is the right size to fit into the wood. 

With all your pieces in place, you may need to trim off the excess wood, but if you don’t, that will just cause the wood and plan to fall apart. 

As I said, you could also put the table on top again, but that will likely cause the table to fall. 

It’s up to the kitchen designer what size they want to make their outdoor kitchen and you’ll have to figure out your size accordingly.

As a final note, this is a great way to give your kitchen space a little more personality.

You will want a little space on the inside to keep the plants, herbs, and other plant things that you use for your cooking. 

And you can also add more color to your outdoor garden. 

What to do when you have your outdoor project completed:  Now, if you’re ready to go ahead and get cooking, go ahead! 

If you want more ideas for how to create an outdoor kitchen, you might want to check out my list of DIY projects.

Happy cooking!