The UK’s most expensive home July 9, 2021 July 9, 2021 admin

Two people have spent £3.8 million on a mansion in the capital of England that was designed by British designer William Ballard.

The house, in the village of Clerkenwell, was built in 2013 by Ballard, a well-known luxury designer and artist, and was named after him.

It is the second most expensive house in England after a £3m residence in Kensington.

Ballard, 52, is known for his unique, bold, and eccentric designs.

He has designed a number of large luxury homes including the $8.3m White Oak in California, the £7.3 million Londons in Australia, and the £5.6m villa in Paris.

Ballard’s previous house, the $9.2 million mansion in Newport, was sold in 2013 for $2.8m.

It is one of the most expensive homes in England and one of Ballard’s most popular designs.

A number of Ballards designs have been on show at luxury homes across the world.

In 2014, Ballard designed a large house in Paris, designed by German architect Michael Bauernstein.

Earlier this year, Ballards house in Clerkewell was on sale for £2.9 million.

British architect William Ballards design of the £3 million mansion.

Source: AP/Press Association ImagesThe home was designed in a series of images by Ballards artist William Ballart.

Bard, whose previous house in Newport was on display for £4.9m, designed the mansion with the help of his daughter.

“It was a dream project, he says.”

The house was designed for me, and I wanted it to be a beautiful place to live in and it did that, which was quite an achievement.

“Ballard is known as the “Father of British Luxury” and has designs for a number luxury homes.

The former chairman of the House of Lords and the former chief executive of the British Chambers of Commerce, he has also worked with the likes of David Beckham and Prince Harry.