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Michel dePauli, the former President of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and an avowed supporter of Donald Trump, was named the 2017 recipient of the prestigious AIA Design Award for his design work.

A spokesperson for the American institute, which has honored dePaulis work since the 1940s, announced the honor Monday.

“Michel DePerez is one of the most respected and respected architects of his generation,” the AIA spokesperson told The Daily Beast.

“His work has been used as a benchmark for all the best architects around the world.

His work has inspired generations of students and has shaped the landscape of architecture and design.”

DePaulis design work, called Michel, was first published in the 1940 issue of AIA.

The magazine’s editors named him the architect of the year in 1975.

He has been honored with the AIPAC Architects of the Year award, the AIE Gold Medal of Excellence, the Guggenheim Fellowship, and the International Center for Architecture in the Humanities.

DePaul’s work was also honored in 2016 by the New York Architecture Foundation.

In 2016, DePaul and the Architectural Conservancy of America named his building, the David A. Koch Building, a landmark building in its collection of historic architecture.

The Koch building is located in Washington, DC, in a section of the Capitol that the American government is planning to redevelop into a luxury hotel.

According to The Daily Mail, DePethis design has been seen as a model for other buildings around the country.

“I want people to look at this as a beacon of what can be achieved by people of different backgrounds and different perspectives,” dePaul said at the ceremony.

“There is so much that’s missing out in architecture and the idea of what that looks like.”

DePence is the latest in a long line of architects to receive AIA design awards.

In 2000, AIA awarded the late, late George F. Wallace, a renowned architect who was also the father of the movement of the modernist movement.

The award went to the late Frank Gehry, whose design of the National Gallery of Art is often considered one of his most iconic buildings.

Gehry won the AIES Gold Medal in 2005 for his contribution to the preservation of architecture.

In 2018, the architect and designer Frank Gehrys building in New York City was named a National Historic Landmark by the National Park Service.

“It is my honor to be honored as the architect for the David Koch Building,” DePhees said.

“That building is a landmark for the nation.”

DePPeres work on the Koch building also drew attention from the White House and other members of the Trump administration.

“The Koch Building is an architectural treasure that deserves to be recognized as a landmark of architecture in America, as well as for its contribution to preserving and improving the quality of life in this country,” DePaul told the Washington Post in 2017.

“Its landmark status is a testament to its architect and his dedication to architecture.”

De Pauli also was a founding member of the Architect’s Coalition for Architecture and Urban Design, an umbrella organization that seeks to promote the preservation and revitalization of the architecture and urban design field.

The organization’s website describes itself as “a coalition of architecture-minded, public policy-minded professionals who are united by a shared passion for the public realm and its people.”

The website also notes that “Miche dePaul has been a prominent voice for the preservation, revitalization, and revitalizing of architecture.”

A spokesperson from the AIC said that it was “honored to recognize and thank Miche dePerezes design on the National Register of Historic Places and the AIGA Architectural Award for outstanding architectural work in the United States.”

The AIC does not have an official position on the Trump White House.

DePiece said he was “extremely proud to be part of the AIAN community and the team who have made this award possible.”

DePieces design for the Koch Building has been featured in publications including Architectural Digest and the New Yorker.

DePiece told The Post that he hopes his work “helps to transform this historic building and its future generations” in Washington.

“My vision for the building is for it to be a kind of landmark and a symbol of the city and the country,” he said.