Designers: Cross designs ‘make dogs feel safe and secure’ August 11, 2021 August 11, 2021 admin

The designers of cross-design dog collar designs say they make the dogs feel “safe and secure.”

“It makes them feel secure, like they’re a part of your family,” said Lisa Pincus, a design consultant and founder of Cross Design Dog Collar Designs.

“It’s like a dog collar for people who don’t have a collar on.”

Pincushion said cross designs can be designed for dogs that are “cognitively, socially and physically challenged.”

“They have a disability, so they have an individualistic sense of who they are and what they can and cannot do,” Pincu said.

Pincuz said the cross design can also be used to design “personalised collars that are specifically tailored for that person.”

A typical collar features a “small dot” on the side that allows the dog to identify the owner and provides visual cues.

“For example, if the person is in a car, they could be able to see that dot on the sides of their collar,” Puches said.

“Or, they can see that a person is wearing glasses or a head-covering.

These are cues that are very important to us.”

Pucus said her company was also looking into cross designs that could be used for blind or low vision individuals.

“I think they are great for people with hearing and vision impairments,” she said.