ESPN unveils the PERGOLA design, featuring a basketball silhouette and a basketball’s shape September 16, 2021 September 16, 2021 admin

Pergola is a basketball-shaped design, designed to celebrate the new NBA season. 

The design is made with a design based on the NBA logo and features a basketball shape, with a basketball tip, in the shape of a basketball.

The design has received a lot of attention from basketball fans, with the design seen on Twitter and Instagram and on Pergolas social media pages. 

“Pergola design is a new design inspired by the NBA’s design, which was first announced in 2014. 

It is a very fun and creative design for the NBA and a great way to celebrate this great season,” NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said in a statement. 

Pergolas new design features a different basketball shape from the NBA. 

As part of the unveiling, ESPN announced it is going to make the PERGOOLA logo and logo design available to fans for the first time ever. 

NBA fans will be able to purchase Pergolas new design for $100 on its website and on Amazon, where it will cost $180. 

ESPN has also released an exclusive preview of the design, which features a similar design to the current NBA logo. 

According to ESPN, the design is inspired by “the NBA’s iconic basketball silhouette, the triangle” with a black outline and the outline of the logo’s shape. 

At the center of the triangle is the word PERGOALA, which is the acronym for “The Pergolic.”

“We’ve seen the hoops for years, but the PERPALA is a truly unique look that combines our best elements from our past basketball and contemporary design.

It will be a fitting tribute to our fans, and will be part of an exciting new design that we’re creating for the next season,” said Jason Parker, senior vice president of design and design partnerships, ESPN. 

This is the third time ESPN has made the PERCOT design available for fans. 

In 2015, ESPN released a new version of the PERK design, and in 2016, it was released as a new Pergolo design. 

All of these new designs feature the NBA, but this is the first official redesign of the league logo.

The NBA released a statement on the new design on Twitter, saying that “it is a design that represents the new look of the NBA for the 2020-21 season.”

“Pergamoles new design is an homage to the league’s logo and is based on its shape.

It is the most iconic of the four basketball shapes in the NBA,” said the NBA on Twitter.

“We are excited to share it with fans.”