“Nail Designs 2020” September 5, 2021 September 5, 2021 admin

From the creators of the bestselling “Nails” series comes the next nail design inspired by the theme of 2020, the Year of the Nail. 

The Nail design for the year of the nail, which will run throughout the year, has a simple, clean design with bold colors.

The design features the word “NANEL” in bold red and black, and the word “TECHNIC” in a yellow, white and blue swirl pattern. 

Nails for 2020 are being designed by two-time Academy Award winner Nicki Minaj, who will also be featured in the collection. 

Minaj’s “Nanel Designs 2020,” which was released in June, is inspired by her love for nail art.

She is also a big fan of technology, especially smartphones, and she used her iPhone 5S to create the look.

Minaj said the inspiration for the design came from the idea of people wanting to have a better understanding of the world.

“I love to talk about the way technology is impacting the world,” she said.

“And so, as someone who is very tech-savvy, I thought, why not make a collection that has people talking about their phones, talking about the world around them?” 

The new collection is inspired with a bold red, white, and blue pattern on the body and a bold black swirl pattern on top. 

For Minaj’s collection, a variety of designs are available, including a simple blue and white version, a bright blue and purple version, and a red and blue version.

There are also metallic nail designs, and metallic nail art with gold accents.

 Minaja’s collection is available for pre-order on April 9 and can be purchased at the nail art site NashvilleNails.com.