The designer sunglasses that will change your life September 8, 2021 September 8, 2021 admin

A new trend in design is the use of sunglasses for design purposes.

But not all are created equal.

Mehndika Kaur, founder and managing director of The Designer Glasses and co-founder of the fashion design firm Mehndii Design, says she is passionate about making glasses a comfortable and stylish alternative to traditional eyewear.

She believes the glasses, which are designed to fit in the nose but are also comfortable, can be used to make the wearer more fashionable and attractive.

Ms Kaur is one of a growing number of designers who are taking the design trend forward, and not just to the fashion world, by offering them to the wider market.

She says she believes many of the designers who choose to offer their design glasses are seeking to help others, particularly young people, realise their full potential and are keen to share their experiences with others.

While some designers choose to make their designs by using materials, she says many of them do so using an app or website that is designed to help people design and create.

While she says the glasses have many potential uses in the market, she believes they have a long way to go before they can be considered mainstream.

“I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the technology that is required for making these glasses,” she said.

“If we are going to make them widely available and widely accepted as eyewlasses, then I think it is a great opportunity for the technology to evolve and be taken to the next level.”

Designers need glasses to ensure their design is clear and clear, and provide a comfortable fit for the wearer, she said, adding they must be of high quality and be made from the highest quality materials.

She said glasses were becoming more and more popular in fashion design, with many being designed for a range of different purposes.

“People are now using these as a fashion accessory, or a fashion statement, or they can even just wear them as a decoration to their room,” she added.

The designer glasses can be worn on the nose, or on the brow, and also have a built-in contact lens that allows the wearer to see through the glasses and be able to interact with people using a mobile phone or computer.

The lenses can also be used for vision correction and are able to provide a much better view of the wearer’s eyes.

While most designers have begun to offer glasses for design and fashion, Ms Kaur said her favourite is the one designed by Mr Kaur.

“When I was young, my dad used to always bring me his glasses,” Ms Kur said.

He was the first designer to make glasses for me, so I always felt like I belonged in the family.

“But now, I am proud to wear the glasses he gave me.”

Mr Kaur has designed and made glasses for clients like US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and his wife, Jane.

The glasses are made from high-quality plastic, with a plastic tip, and the glasses come with a built in contact lens.

“We are talking about an amazing, unique, beautiful, unique product that has the potential to be a life saver for people in need, and that is why I think this is such a great start for the designer sunglasses market,” he said.

Mr Kur hopes to see more companies making glasses to help with the development of new technologies, like the use for artificial intelligence.

He believes the technology could be useful in the area of facial recognition and facial recognition for facial recognition.

“The technology could potentially help us with that.

We could even be able get a facial recognition system for facial identification, and it could help us get a lot of data and images to analyse for better diagnoses,” he added.

Mehmndi Design, which has offices in Dubai, is also making the glasses to offer to people who can’t afford to pay the high prices of traditional eyeglasses.

She has made several glasses for her clients, including the designer glasses for fashion designers, who are looking to help change the world by making them accessible to everyone.

“You are paying the price of making something that has a value,” Ms Mehmndika said.