Which nail designs are you most proud of? September 21, 2021 September 21, 2021 admin

It’s a question that is a little bit off topic.

So I’m going to ask you to name nail designs that you are proud of.

Nail design is so much more than a nail.

If you’re looking for the perfect manicure or a great nail polish, nail designs have got to be on your to-do list.

Here’s my top 10 nail designs of all time.1.

Gail Dinesen, H&M (2011) The design is a combination of red, gold, and orange, and is also inspired by the GailDinesen nail art.

The red and gold tones are a nice contrast, and the gradient in the hair is very interesting.2.

Nails, Hogue (2011-present) This is a super cute, fun, and playful nail design.

It’s also a perfect match with H&M’s latest nail design, the H&amigal, a nail that has a red, green, and yellow gradient.3.

Noodles, Noodleries (2012) This nail design is one of my favorites, and it’s a really great match with Noodlers latest nail.

The gradient in both the nail and the hair adds an interesting color to the design.4.

Naturals, Naturons (2014) The Naturans nail design has a really sweet color scheme, and I think it is perfect with the colors in Naturani’s latest line.

The yellow is definitely a cool color to wear with nail polish.5.

Nouns, Ollie & Sock (2014-present), Ollies most popular nail design (and his signature) is a cute, cute, and adorable nail design that I love!


H&Amigal (2013) H&amigo’s newest nail design combines the red, yellow, and green gradient.

It is one that I really enjoy wearing.


Nude, L’Oreal (2012-present, 2015-present; 2016-present and 2017-present).

The nude nail design looks like a natural, with a little help from a little brush.


Nars, Nars (2014; 2015) Nars latest nail designs, the nude nail and a floral manicure, are both cute and adorable.


Nudie, Sally Hansen (2013-present); The pink, green and blue nail designs look so cute and fun together.


Nudes, Nudes (2014, 2015; 2016) I really like the pink nail designs from Nudes.

Nude nail design with a floral nail design and a pink gradient (click to enlarge)Here are some of my other favorite nail designs. 


Narrow, Hanes (2016) The narrow nail design by Hanes is one I’ve loved for years.

The design uses a beautiful red and orange gradient.


Lola, Honeys (2015) This is another nail design I’ve been a fan of since it debuted in 2015.

The pink, blue, and purple gradient is so fun and creative.


Luma, Hones (2016; 2017) The Luma nail design was another nail I really love.


Lottie, Haneys (2016-present/2017) The lottie nail design from Hanes looks like the perfect addition to my nails.


Luscious, Hieys (2017) I love the pink, orange, yellow and green nail designs by Lus.

6, Hies (2018) I also really like Hies luscious nail designs with a green gradient and a purple gradient. 

7, J.

Crew (2017-present)–The J. Crew nail design definitely has my favorite look.

It combines a lot of the designs from Hines, JCP, and Nude nail designs into one design.

 8, JL Brands (2018)–This is another design I love that is very unique.

9, J&amp.;S (2018; 2019; 2020) The J&ams latest nail look is also one of the best I’ve seen.

10, Urban Decay (2018); I love this look by Urban Decay.

The purple gradient in this design is very cute, with the red gradient coming a little too close to the purple.

What are your favorite nail design trends?

Do you like the look of Nudes latest nail?

And what nail designs would you like to see featured in our next feature?