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Fox Sports’ TSN 5 has ranked the top five nail art designs, which will be featured on TSN Radio 590 The FAN, TSN 3, TDS and TSN GO radio stations.

The Top Five:Here are the five nail designs that are the most popular in Canada, according to the TSN rankings.

Here are all the nail designs and their rankings.


The Blackberry nail design, made by Tintin and created by Paul Williams, is the most common in Canada.


The Pinky nail design is the popular choice in the United States, while the Red Lip nail design was ranked the least popular.


The White Chocolate nail design ranked number one in Canada and number three in the US.


The Red Lip is ranked number four in Canada for the first time in the Top Five.


The Tintintine is the number five nail design in Canada with an average of 8.3 points per vote.

Here is how the Top 5 nail designs were voted on by TSN viewers.

The Blackberry design, Tintine design, Pinky and Red Lip designs are ranked the most widely.

The Red Lip design is ranked the second most popular, while Pinky is ranked third.

The Tintiniest Pinky nails were voted the most creative, while most other designs were ranked second or third.

In Canada, the Tintints, Red Lip and Pinky designs were selected by a panel of 10 experts from TSN and other major publications.

The panel included Tintina, Tints, White Lip, Black Lip, Red Lips, Black Tints and White Tints.

Top Five nail designs ranked in Canada:T1: BlackberryT2: Red LipT3: PinkyT4: White ChocolateT5: TintinsThe Top 5 nails designs in Canada are:The BlackBerry nail designTintine nail designPinky and White Lip nail designsTintints nail designBlack Tints nail designsWhite Chocolate nail designsRed Lip nail imagesTintintints imageRed Lips imageWhite Tints imageTintin imageTints imagePinky imageTarsin nail design