Why I want to make the sport of football a sport of art October 29, 2021 October 29, 2021 admin

I want football to be a sport that is about art.

It’s not about numbers and stats, or points, or goals.

It is about the sport itself, about the way it makes people feel, about how it makes them feel about football, about people who love the sport.

It makes them want to play, it makes everyone want to love it.

That’s what I want it to be.

This is the most difficult sport to design, because you can’t simply draw it on a page and say, ‘OK, I’ve got this football game, I want this football player’.

There’s a lot of different dimensions and shapes and colours, and a lot more things to add, but when you do that, you are saying: this is my own football game.

It’s not like you can just draw a ball and say: ‘this is the game I want’.

You have to work out the meaning of the whole thing, and then you have to come up with a design that makes the whole concept work.

So I’ve worked really hard to find what I think is the right approach.

I want my players to be in awe of the game.

They want to see the art, they want to feel it.

And they want the players to enjoy it.

I can’t make the art for this, but I can make them feel it and feel like they are part of the art.

I want them to be passionate about the game, so they want it as much as the fans.

And I want them, through their own passion, to help me create the art of the sport that makes people want to be involved.

The way that I’m going to do it is by doing it on the field.

It has to be about something.

It must be something physical.

The art of football is about something physical and tangible, and that is the pitch.

I want to create a pitch where there’s something you can touch, something that you can feel.

And that’s the thing I’m trying to do: I want the ball to feel the same way.

And it’s going to have to be as big as the players’ bodies, and it has to feel like it’s just a real football pitch.

It won’t just be a big pitch that is covered in mud, it has have to feel huge.

And if it feels big enough, then the ball will be able to pass through it, it will be very good for players, it’ll make the ball feel good, and you’ll feel good about yourself.

So, I’m creating a pitch with the players feeling the same feeling that they feel when they play on the pitch: They are in awe, and they’re excited about the experience.

And then it will feel like you’re in a real, physical, real football stadium.

And the whole idea is to create an environment where the players are being a part of it.

And then, the pitch has to have a special kind of atmosphere that makes it feel like the whole stadium is cheering for the players.

The way I want that to happen is I want everything in the stadium to feel as if it’s the biggest pitch in the world, and when you are in the middle of it, the whole crowd is just watching.

And, I will do it by creating a game where you have a little bit of a pause to let the players take it all in.

So if the referee gets involved, I won’t have to pause the game to say: look at that, it’s a real kick to the head.

If he gets involved and he’s on the touchline, I’ll have the ball and I’ll let the ball take me in, and I will be completely relaxed.

I will let the whole field, the entire stadium be part of this experience.

The fans will be there, but they’re also part of that experience, and so they will be a part that’s part of what you are creating.

And so they are going to be part, too.

And, if I have a player who is struggling with the game because he’s not feeling well, then I’ll take him off, and he will be at the edge of the pitch with me.

And he’s going for the ball, and we’ll have a real game, and the whole game is about what it feels like to play football.

I don’t want the fans to just go away.

I’m making them part of my football experience, but also part that experience.

I’ve got a real passion for football.

And when you put your heart and soul into something and it’s hard, and sometimes it’s painful, and there’s times where you’re not 100% sure if you are going the right way or not, and if you have this feeling of dread about what is going to happen in the game and you just have to put your body in front of it and say ‘okay, I have to go’, then it’s like: